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Tantra Healing Practices (27 Years of Experience)

Hi, here is my basic info:

Please give me a call to talk about what you are seeking to experience or learn in a Tantra session. If I do not pick up please leave a message and let me know when I can return your phone call. Thank you, Deborah. 505-490-1163.

Currently I am available in Ottawa and I also travel to Montreal sometimes.

I offer tantra massage and techniques. My methods bring more of your spirit and feelings into your body. These methods and practices work and they simply require a bit of practice.

This is what True Tantra is; spiritual integration.

These methods involve relaxed breathing, mental focusing techniques, awareness of how to use your PC pelvic muscles, how to stay in the moment and what to do instead of fantasizing and How to keep your butt and leg and pelvic muscles relaxed to allow your vitality and pleasure to flow inward and upward through your body.

I teach a bit about the chakras and basic human feelings associated with the chakras, along with techniques for the best way to maintain your erection and experience prolonged pleasure that produces a Healing for you and your Partner at the same time. This involves some focusing, breathing, chanting sounds and using the PC muscle and talking out loud and staying present. Basically you are learning to feel and receive your own feelings of pleasure to emanate love through your body.

These methods also prevent and solve erection dysfunction issues and produce spiritual healing for all the pelvic muscles including the prostate gland; unless your ED is a physical issue, then you need to learn how to nourish, cleanse and detoxify your body.

Both a tantra sensual massage and prostate massage are part of the session, yet if you are not open to receiving a prostate massage then please note that you never have to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

We also practice sharing some heart mantras while having eye contact. Basically I can teach you anything you need to know about Tantra and that includes self talk awareness practices and intimacy and communication practices. Introverts need to learn how to share more.

I also teach how to stay heart centered and touch a woman with love.

The basic beginning Tantra techniques work to solve premature ejaculation and these methods also work to open up your central spirit channel to allow more of your spiritual vitality to self-arise internally within you and allow your spirit to line up more with your physical body.

I also offer Iris analysis (Iridology Readings) to see what is happening in the body on a physical level that can be affecting the libido. I have a couple of detailed articles on this subject that I can send to you in email.

The beginning tantra lesson teaches men the basic techniques for learning the best method for maintaining the erection. This teaches the healthiest way to prevent PE. This is also the way to remedy many erection issues such as losing your hard on during intercourse.

Often a man is so worried about ejaculating too fast that he holds inner pelvic tension which blocks the flow of his own pleasure and excitement, and causes him to then go soft.

Fear of ejaculating and holding pelvic tension causes a lot of spiritual troubles as well, which is partially the reason for not being able to let go and ejaculate; this is a more serious problem and needs more detailed teachings and a longer session.

I explain why and how these techniques work so you understand why you are doing them. There are spiritual components that go along with these practices.

Sessions for solving ED issues includes an Iridology reading, which only takes about 5 or 10 minutes. Then later I email you the detailed info from your iris reading. This is to focus most of our time on the Tantra practices and healing massage.

Any session can include a healing prostate massage. Yet for deeper healing sometimes more time is necessary. This is mostly the case when there are erection troubles and difficulty with being able to let go and ejaculate. I can send you articles to read about Can’t Cum Control Issues. This is a deeply emotional problem and usually requires a lot of education to solve.

When we talk I can explain the core issues causing these troubles.

It is better to let go prematurely than to have the opposite problem of not being able to let go and release with relaxation. Again it all has to do with allowing our feelings and our verbal expression to flow and be honest with our desires and our intentions. We must face reality. The Tantra teachings are meant to guide us to seek the experiences we desire, yet have consensual interactions that allow for an ease of communication and sharing.

The idea is to learn something loving and healing and to choose love first before sex, even if you are meeting someone for the first time and you are agreeing to share sensual touch, still you can be loving and kind and focus on love first. Real intimacy takes time to develop authentically. We want real true joy, not false enthusiasm. Most men need to rage about their needs and their desires outside of the bedroom; and then focus on simply loving their own pleasure and relaxing in the bedroom. Slowing down is a key element of having more awareness. Once we are receiving, then we can increase intensity in our movements.

Life is not easy; learning to be a kind person is not always easy. Learning to face reality is also not easy. Facing the reality of our choices is challenging. I always assume the best of everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I do really care about the people that I meet. My sessions are for those who are emotionally mature and interested in learning.

Thank you, Deborah.


Thanks for listening!

Blessed Be!

PS. If anyone has ED please know that you can easily reverse this problem with the right cleansing techniques; (yet some ED issues are due to incorrect pelvic tension and a cleanse is not even necessary). If you take medications most likely your body has become too toxic and you do need to detoxify in a safe and efficient way.

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