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Tantra Awareness Practices

Updated: Oct 12

There are many different things that affect our intimacy and and our ability to feel more real pleasure in our body.

There is a difference between energy, sensations and feelings and understanding this difference makes a difference in your experience of feeling pleasure in your body.

Men and women can learn to become more conscious of their pelvic muscles, breathe and feelings of pleasure along with their desires and fantasies to find more sensual enjoyment.

I am currently in the New England area ( for the next week approximately I am in Vermont and New Hampshire - mostly in Brattleboro and Keene ) and I am offering a two hour Tantra massage session which includes some guidance with techniques that allow for longer lasting feelings of pleasure.

There are different methods for preventing premature worries and resolving libido issues.

I have 27 years of experience assisting men with challenges affecting the flow of feelings through the genitals and pelvic muscles.

Current special rates for a two hour session is $160. Sessions include a full body massage and learning basic practices of relaxed movement of Breathe, PC muscle awareness, focusing techniques, healthy methods for maintaining; through understanding spiritual philosophy and some psychology regarding basic feelings that affect our ability to receive more pleasure and experience more relaxation.

Please call instead of texting and then we can share more. Thank you, Deborah.


Or email for more information.

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