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In 1990; I met the creator of Shamanic Astrology, Daniel Giamario, and he gave me an astrology reading. I was amazed by this reading since I felt like he really understood me and that he was able to perceive the things that were most important to me. He told me that I was definitely on a Tantric path in my relationships and that I was supposed to learn about Tantra in my life and then teach it to others. At that time I did not know anything about Tantra. Even the word Tantra was brand new to me.

Now that was 30 years ago! Today I can talk about Tantra and explain it thoroughly. Tantra is a spiritual healing practice and awareness. Tantra brings "spirit into matter" and produces more conscious awareness of love and pleasure in the body. Tantra weaves a combination of the positive and negative aspects of life together; to flow in balance through our body. Every moment we are choosing consciously or unconsciously what we want based on our desire to have pleasure and true joy in our lives.

Not every person is meant to be monogamous in their lifetime. Some people are definitely meant to be householder types and monogamous types. Yet often we are all a combination of different archetypes and we dance admit different experiences. Still there are many who are meant to focus on "one on one intimacy" and be monogamous. What I find interesting, is that some people have already had many lifetimes being monogamous and now their soul is needing to learn how to let go more and have a variety of different love relationships.

In our short lifetime there are many changes that occur in our work and relationships. We are here in Earth School, learning different aspects of life. It may end up that we have karma with several different people in our lifetime. Going with the flow and facing reality and thus being honest with ourselves is a major factor in our own personal growth and spiritual evolution.

I also find it interesting that there are many people who are supposed to learn about Tantra as part of their own spiritual education. Sexuality has been judged as negative for many hundreds of years all due to a lack of proper education. There are many people who study Tantra and are educated in a certain way, yet they are completely unaware of how certain methods that are taught in their particular lineage are actually causing spiritual separation instead of spiritual integration.

In fact there are many different spiritual practices that produce spiritual separation and thus cause damage to people spiritually. Yet how do we know the difference? For example often times Tantra practitioners teach a more controlled or ritualized breathing practice, or even hyper breathing practices that causes the etheric body (spirit breath) to over expand the aura and separate our consciousness away from our body. It is challenging for me to explain this to people who are already set in their own practices.

To experience the difference we have to be able to meet in person and then the difference in how you feel with a new practice of allowing your breath to move in a surrendered and natural way, shows you the reality of being able to experience more love with presence and total relaxation in the moment. Since the late eighties I have been seeking what practices would produce more healing in the body. I had to pray to my higher self to finally be able to meet a teacher that could show me the truth about Tantra healing.

We are all on a path of learning about life and several times we end up going down a few paths that are leading us in a direction that is not helpful in the long run. It is good to be able to get a clear focus and stay aligned with the things that really do provide the healthy outcomes that we are seeking.

Often we bounce around and polarize a bit as we find our way to the best results for our actually spiritual healing and integration. We need to be able to feel and receive more love and that requires feeling our feelings. Our mind is only energy and energy is only 30% of a feeling. We can observe life from our mind yet that is different than experiencing our feelings of love in our body and staying present long enough to truly receive our spiritual blessings.

I believe we are all born to help each other and even in our ignorance and all the mistakes that make to help us learn, still we all have value and can assist each other to experience more true love and beauty. We can ask for what we want and we can choose to focus on manifesting what we want for our own betterment. Sometimes life seems so chaotic that we feel out of control and spastic with how we receive our own awareness of our own value.

This is a common struggle that we have in life and that is why "Feeling" practices are vital to help us have a clear awareness of the spiritual consciousness that we are all a part of and that we are all constantly being blessed by. The shadow side of life is a major aspect of the zodiac sign Scorpio since Scorpio is the sign of Sex, Death and Rebirth. Scorpio is the sign of the subconscious and very deep and intense feelings.

Sex is another word for Creation. Sex is a word that connected with Manifestation. We are manifesting more consciousness when we are opening up the spiritual luminosity within our genitals. Therefore we need to have more respect for such sacredness and acknowledge the power of this type of feeling activation in the body. We want to have more intention and more positive presence when we open up our central wisdom channel by stimulating the pelvic feelings. This is sweet and simple and beautiful with the correct belief about feeling more joy and pleasure in the body.

Love and Joy are integral with our conscious experience of feeling pleasure in our body. We ought to be able to embrace our body and fully claim our pelvis without any fear or shame. Yet still we have to learn what practices are healing and produce healing and what habits and unconscious practices create damage and suffering. It all comes down to education. Then we have to have an experience that proves to us the difference in results.

One of the blessings that I bring to our world is information about Tantra education, yet the real blessings come from a deeper understanding which then requires learning and feeling how the different practices produce different outcomes of feeling and receiving more real joy and pleasure. I highly recommend that people read a book called Love, Sex and your Heart by Alexander Lowen.

Depending upon our time of birth, we could be born during a time when there were more sexual or more Tantric qualities active in the night sky. When some people stimulate their feelings of pleasure in their genitals, they feel stronger feelings compared to others. Yet in each moment, we must be able to feel and receive our feelings of pleasure without holding too much tension or resisting receiving a gentle joy. It is negative to force an orgasm.

Knowing your main archetypes in the Shamanic Astrology mysteries is very helpful since it gives you an idea of your main path in your current lifetime. I found that understanding my main lessons for this life helped me to value my life and feel more empowerment regarding my own personal path in this life. Once again education is helpful and thus provides healing.

I offer phone sessions and written sessions through email for those interesting in knowing their own individual astrological archetypes based on the mythological teachings from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. You need to have your time and place of birth as well as your basic birth date information to have a thorough analysis of your astrological birth chart.

Feel free to contact me should you wish to purchase a Shamanic Astrology reading from me. You can find more information about Shamanic Astrology from Daniel's youtube channel and also from his website at: shamanicastrology.com

Shamanic Astrology not only explains your current life relationship pathway, it also explains your right livelihood and how you may be shifting to learn new things in your current lifetime, compared to your past abilities that you may have perfected in earlier lifetimes. We bring many positive qualities to our present lifetimes and we can perfect those qualities even more while we learn new different aspects of being in the world.

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