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Updated: May 27

Tantra sessions include several different practices that all work together to allow more feelings to flow through your body that match your breath movement. Learning relaxed breathing and body alignment and focus all work together to allow you to experience more presence and a peacefulness in the moment.

Somatic movements further allow you to relax in your body. There are certain chanting sounds that go along with the movement of your breath to facilitate allowing your feelings to move freely. We also do some self talk that is heart centered and expresses our choice to feel love and receive our positive emotions intentionally.

There are different practices that assist us to stop using the mind to visualize as a habit.

It is important to slow down and stay present and communicate our thoughts and feelings.

These practices can be applied to many aspects of your daily life to facilitate more healing presence and awareness that is positive and produces more feelings of vitality naturally.

I also offer phone sessions and online sessions. Yet meeting in person is the quickest and easiest way to learn the different practices and techniques, yet beginning over the phone at least gives you a lot of good information to begin with. I can also email you information. My wish is to provide valuable education through learning the Tantra techniques and methods.

Sincerely, Deborah.


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