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How do we Heal?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Let's start with breathing air. Without air we die quickly. We need fresh air. We need oxygen. Our breath is a major part of our spiritual consciousness and ether. Our etheric body is one of several oval spirit bodies that makes up our aura. There are six oval spirit bodies.

There is more healing when our breath is natural and not forced. Receiving our experience in the moment "not breathing" can be safe as long as we are allowing our spontaneous breath to move normally. We never have to force our breath. Our spirit breath will breath on its own.

Feeling and receiving our own breath moving within our body is healing. Hyper or ritualized breathing separates our etheric body away from our physical body; thus our spiritual consciousness separates and expands. Holding our breath with empty lungs and waiting for a natural breath to occur is very healing. This practice allows our mind to become calm.

The subtle experience of paying attention to our breath in a surrendered relaxed way will produce a different outcome from any controlled or forced breathing practices. This is a major discrepancy in Tantra teachings. It is vitally important to be able to feel our feelings easily and experience our natural breath movement without hyper forcing of our breath.

Having fun, and being affectionate and feeling our basic human feelings in a safe and appropriate way is very healing. Receiving touch; getting a massage is very healing. It is important to connect with our body and feel our feelings in body. Staying mentally centered with our human heart and the reality of our moment is very important.

It takes practice to live below our neck and allow our mind to be empty and peaceful and experience love in our heart. It is most important that we learn to communicate our true feelings and slow down in the moment long enough to express our feelings truthfully and to love our feelings.

When we feel and receive our feelings, we then need time to integrate them. We need to be able to slow down long enough to take in our real experience and acknowledge our truth. Communication is vitally important. Making sounds is also important. Healing means that we are feeling more love and peace and presence. The mind is only energy and not all thoughts that we notice are true for us. Only through feeling can we receive our own spiritual wisdom.

Our spirit is love and love is a feeling. All feelings are love. Every feeling has a light and dark side. How the mind focuses is paramount with regards to the outcome of our experience. Energy follows thought. Our mental consciousness is only energy which only has awareness of thirty percent of a feeling. Surrendering to our true feelings brings more depth of spiritual consciousness to exist and emanate through our heart and body.

Fantasizing (or using the visual brain) to imagine you are having an experience will instantly over expand your consciousness away from your reality in the moment and away from your physical body. It is better to have a real interaction with someone than to imagine you are connecting to them in secret in your mind. Yes you can be connecting telepathically with them yet that is not a true human interaction that brings a real experience with them.

Use your mind as a focusing tool and choose wisely where and how you will focus. Realize that half of the junk coming into your mind is false information. Especially if you live in your intellect a lot for your work, you have to learn how to ground yourself. Stretching your body and paying attention to your body is important. Also soaking in water and drinking water is important. Water is liquid feeling spiritually.

Ask yourself; in this lifetime; in this short lifetime, what do you really want and what is important to you? Whatever you learn in this life will prepare you for your next life. Your present human lifetime is precious and your human heart has an unlimited capacity to feel and receive love. You have an amazing human heart. Yet do you know that and believe it?

Feeling is Healing and we seek healing based on our desire for pleasure and how safe we are allowing ourselves to feel. Love is out of control. There are safe ways to access our feelings and express them and experience them; that are healing and done appropriately.

What we believe in and what we trust will determine our choices. We are continually needing to choose love, to seek more true love and affection, with appropriate boundaries. We are animal yet we are more than animal alone. We have consciousness. Our spiritual wisdom can be received through simple focusing practices involving our breath and our feelings and also our voice. Our intellectual mind can deceive us. Our feelings reveal our truth.

The ultimate healing experience is when our mind melts into our heart and then our truth is undeniable, and then we can choose to stop being in denial. When we ignore our truth we choose to stay ignorant. We are choosing to avoid our own growth. Healing is a choice.

Please allow me to guide you on a healing journey that I prayed for. I prayed to my own higher self to find a teacher that could teach me the truth and give me answers and also give me concrete proof of what truly works. True Tantra allows our spirit to emanate love through our physical body. Many people are resisting receiving their true pleasure; their gentle joy.

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