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Teaching and Guiding others to embrace the Healing that I wish to Learn, Practice and Share ; my intention is to assist people with experiencing their feelings while understanding spiritual truths that promote feeling more love and experiencing healing.  This includes the study of sacred sexuality awareness methods based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos. I have been blessed to have found the very best teachers and information that allows me to experience more vitality and authentic joy. To feel liberated and alive is to enjoy life thoroughly and know the gratitude of receiving our blessings.

Deborah Carroll; Tantra Educator, Iridologist and Nutritionist.


Heart Centered Sharing that Produces Healing

Years of Experience in Bodywork, Iridology, Nutrition and Healing Tantra Practices


Tantra Healing Session

Experience Feeling Prolonged Pleasure with Presence and Heart Centered Sharing along with Healing practices and methods that work to solve many intimacy & performance issues on a variety of levels.

Therapeutic Healing Therapy

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Fall Foliage

Real-Eyes Your Health Iris Reading

Wisdom exists in the fibers of life that are patterned in the colored parts of our Eyes and indicate Physical Health Issues along with our Strengths & Weaknesses that are affected by Nutrition and Cleansing.

Iridology Analysis & Nutrition Consult

Resolve any Libido issues Naturally

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Bridge Over River

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Bodywork with Cellular Memory Awareness practices that promote presence and guidance on how to feel and receive more love in our human heart and throughout the whole body.

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Touch of Structure Bodywork


Love is the omnipresent force of the universe; it unifies energy and consciousness.

John Pierrakos

Meditation by the sea



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